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Project Description
A collection of webpart to create an facebook(smoelenboek) with sharepoint 2007 to easy find users in your organisation.

In a lot of middle sized organisations a facebook or employee dictionary with photos is an easy way to quickly identify a user within the organisation. New employees can quicly learn who is who by looking at the list of photos with names. Next to this page there is a birthday webpart to easy see who to wish a happy birthday.

The FaceBookWebparts exists out of a webpart and a page in the site settings to set who will be shown in the facebook webpart, so you can exclude old users that still have a sharepoint page or system users.

The BirthdayWatch Webpart can be placed on a sharepoint page and will show who is getting older in the next 5 days.

The profile data is all gathered from the sharepoint profile.
So when the users changes something it will also change in the webparts, for example there photo will update if they change it on there profile page.

This project is still in an early stage. The templates for displaying employees are not 100% perfect and need some html/css work.
Thinking about swapping them with silverlight controls to make it better looking, but atm it's still WIP.

Currently you need to add 2 custom profile properties by hand. You can do this by:
  • Going to start / all programs / microsoft office servers / sharepoint 3.0 central administration.
  • Click on SharedServices1 under the Shared Services Administration Section on the left side of the page (Can be named differently based upon setup).
  • Click on user profiles and properties under the user profiles and my sites section of the page.
  • Click Add profile property on the bottom of the page, and add 2 properties:
    • Name: "VisibleInFaceBook", Type: "boolean"
    • Name: "Birthday", Type: "date"
(It's important that the name is the same as the name specified, you can pick your own display name, etc.)

Below is a list of screenshots of the functionality of the webparts.

The facebook webpart:

The Birthday webpart:

The settings page will apear in the site settings under site administation:

The facebook settings page to set the show in facebook for the users:

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